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"TUMBLED" ROYAL SAHARA JASPER Cabochon. Approximate dimensions are 50mm x 33mm x 10mm. Unique Shape, Super High Polish on all sides. NATURAL "DENT" ALONG THE EDGE. This is a rare new find from the Sahara Desert, Africa. It is a beautiful and very expensive rough that is colored with shades of red, gold, green, and blue. Truly an unusual jasper.

This is a unique cabochon made by Kent Dyer at my home lapidary shop in Bailey, Colorado. All of my cabochons are slabbed and shaped by hand. Some cabochons are hand ground and polished on multiple diamond wheels by me, and the rest are tumbled.

Each of my tumbled cabochons has a very unusual and unique shape that is unable to be duplicated. The process of tumbling & finishing a cabochon takes over 3 full months, approximately 3,652,000 revolutions. This process forces open many creative avenues since the cabochon does not fit into a pre-made mold, and these cabochons will cause you to produce products that stand well above the rest. All sides are polished to their highest sheen, even shinier than possible with hand polishing on diamond wheels. This allows for great multidimensional displays with cabochons that appear to have greater depth due to their higher polish. Some may not like that all sides are rounded with a flat backside, but I find the benefits of the uniqueness, exceptional polish, and unlimited potential of each cabochon outweighs any preconceived negatives. Each cab causes you to want to hold and touch it due to the smoothness of all sides. These cabochons will open up a whole new world of creative jewelry making for you.

Some cabs may have druze, small fractures, or pits. Remember, the stone is made by nature. We try to be honest and point all those out on each individual cabochon if they are present, but occasionally I do miss something.

I try hard to match color and density of each cabochon as closely as I can. There are variables such as lighting, monitor differences, and how an individual monitor may display color and brightness. For example, imagine looking at 50 screens, all at once, many by the same manufacturer, and not 2 of them look the same. Your monitor, undoubtedly, will not be exactly like my monitor. Each cabochon is portrayed as close to actual appearance and colors as possible. You will receive the cabochon photographed.

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